Saturday, 19 November 2011

Jenny Jag's Mum's All-Time XI

JJM, a Thistle follower all her life but especially since the 00/01 season and mother of the youngest ever Thistle fan, picks her All-Time XI based on ability, looks and amusing anecdotes. No place for Charnley, Rowson or Britton, she's confident that her team will win more games and sell more calendars than the rest.

Goalkeeper: Kenny Arthur

King Kenny knew who I was. "That strange girl in the pink jacket" cheered on a man who was one of our two best goalkeepers for a full ten years.

Centre Back: Stephen Craigan

He is required for his amazing throw-ins, and he seems like a thoroughly nice bloke.

Centre Back: Alan Archibald

Do I need to explain this? He's going to make massive runs up the field for us and we can sing his special song.

Sweeper: Scott Paterson

Mainly due to his amazing goal against ICT, his haircut - or lack thereof - and the fact that he featured in my favourite April Fool's of all time, when we tricked our cousin into believing he was being sold to Aberdeen.

Defensive Midfield: Mark McNally and Danny Lennon

"The Beast" another fantastic haircut, and Danny Lennon's pointing, both things remembered through the years.

Centre Midfield: Manny Panther

Cause he was cool, had a cool name and was a local lad. He was also tall, which was handy.

Attacking Midfield: Martin Hardie

Possibly one of the most entertaining thistle players, but also not a bad player.

Centre Forward: Scott McLean

Ah, not the brightest lad, but handsome. He featured on a painting on my ceiling for a number of years, of a mock up of The Creation, with God reaching out to Scott over Firhill. No, really.

Left Wing: Paul Walker

Small, quick and lovely.

Right Forward: Peter Lindau

Ah, there's only one swede in Glasgow!

Subs: Nicky Walker, James 'Banjo' McKinstry, Derek Fleming, Chris Erskine, Kris Doolan

Walker, cos he was an alright goalie, and I remembered his Phantom mask.
Banjo, a guilty crush.
Fleming, cos he was pretty good, despite what the bloke in front of us thought! "You're useless Fleming!" um, he's just scored...
Erskine, Gangly lad, think he should do well.
Doolan, cos my big brother said I had to have a striker on the bench.

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