Thursday, 10 November 2011

Craig Walker's All Time Thistle XI

When I was asked to name my all time Jags XI I immediately went for:
1. Hodge,
2. Hodge,
3. Hodge,
4. Hodge,
5. Hodge,
6. Hodge,
7. Hodge,
8. Hodge,
9. Hodge,
10. Hodge,
11. Hodge

Then I remembered that dream had turned into a bit of a nightmare so I had a wee think about it and it's not as easy as it first seems.

The names in my team should give away my youthfulness a little, while there will probably be others that should have made it from the start of my Thistle supporting career, I’ve went for those who stick in my mind the most. I've went for a continental 3-4-3 formation.

Kenny Arthur - We have had our fair share of good keepers over the
last 20years or so (and a fair few rotten ones too) but Kenny done it
more regularly and for longer than any of the others. He showed strong
loyalty to the club and deserves his place in my best XI

Alan Archibald (C) - Over 200 games for the club speaks for itself. Despite his short spell at Dundee United Archie has been an important member of the Thistle defence for over ten seasons.

Scott Paterson - Shaggy was just outstanding while he was at Firhill. No nonsense defending with an air of calm and coolness like no one else.

Greg Watson - My team was starting to look too much like the league winning side so went for Watson over Craigan.

Chic Charnley - Don't think this one really need's explained. Chic was both entertaining and a good player. Deserved his Scotland cap that never came.

Gary Harkins - As soon as he moved from defence to midfield he lit up Firhill. Probably the most entertaining player I have seen in a Thistle jersey.

Danny Lennon - Not many players can say they are a Thistle double league winning captain but Lennon managed it and he led the team well with some fantastic performances.

Andy Lyons - The first player I ever got on the back of my Thistle top and had the pleasure of playing in the same team as him on the Firhill pitch.

Mark Roberts - His scoring record at Firhill speaks for itself. Without Mark Roberts the Dick Campbell years could have been much, much worse.

Liam Buchanan - His goals to games ratio was outstanding and could have scored even more if it wasn't for his injury problems.

Alan Morgan - May be a strange one to some people but I'm of the
opinion that if it wasn't for his injury Morgan could have gone all
the way in Football. Was Excellent for the short while he was in the
red and yellow

Subs: Gerry Britton, Stephen Craigan, Albert Craig, Ian Cameron.
Nicky Walker

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  1. A team of Brian Hodge! That's all we need!

    Hey, maybe that's what the song meant.


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