Sunday, 24 April 2011

John Lambie Hall of Fame - Helenio Herrera

Following Saturday's podcast, we're delighted to announce the second member of the John Lambie Hall of Fame: Helenio Herrera

Name: Helenio Herrera
Nickname: "Il Mago" - the Wizard
Born: 1910 (or 1916!) Argentina

Clubs Managed
Puteaux, Stade Français, Real Valladolid, Atlético Madrid, Málaga, Deportivo de La Coruña, Sevilla, Os Belenenses, FC Barcelona, Internazionale, AS Roma, Internazionale, Rimini, FC Barcelona

Managerial Achievements
Atlético de Madrid:
  • League Championship (1950, 1951)
FC Barcelona:
  • League Championship (1959, 1960)
  • Spanish Cup (1959, 1981)
  • Inter City Fairs Cup (1960)
  • League Championship (1963, 1965, 1966)
  • European Champions Cup (1964, 1965)
  • Intercontinental Cup (1964, 1965)
AS Roma:
  • Italian Cup (1969)
Why is he in the John Lambie Hall of Fame?
Herrera was one of the few managers in history who was not afraid to step out in front of thousands of supporters and let them know who's boss. The Great Lambini certainly falls into the category too. It's tempting to have Herrera in the JLHoF for that alone, but he has so many attributes that has led him to this prestigious point...

His strict, but extremely effective, implementation of the catenaccio system led many to criticise him. This was the death of attractive football as far as some of his critics were concerned. But Herrera used the system in such a way that it was a way to stop the opposition from playing, but it was incredibly effective in an attacking sense. The fact that Luiz Suarez was one of Herrera's greatest successes says it all. Also, you don't win that many titles by simply soaking up pressure.

His motivational skills were...Lambie-esque. He wanted his players to believe that they would win every single game. He used to write inspirational slogans on the walls of the changing rooms: "Class + Preparation + Intelligence + Athleticism = Championships" and "Who doesn't give it all, gives nothing". He once suspended a player who, during a press conference, said "We came to Rome to play". Apparently he should have said, "We came to Rome to WIN".

So, although there is no documented evidence of him confusing a guitar with a banjo, there are a lot of similarities between our legendary manager and Inter Milan's most successful manager. Congratulations HH - you many finally rest in peace. You have made it into the John Lambie Hall of Fame.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Basking in the Firhill Sun: Thistle 2-0 Morton

Basking in the Firhill Sun: Thistle 2-0 Morton by Jagscast Crew

"I'm imagining all of you, naked"

In this episode: VBL, Cowie and Donald Marc Corcoran Balatoni are re-joined by Manly J. Panda! They discuss songs to sum up Thistle, Gunnersaurus-esque disasters, Donald's appearance on a rival pod and David Rowson's absence. We also induct Helenio Herrera into the John Lambie Hall of Fame, an article on whom shall follow shortly.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Ian McCall Resignation Special

Ian McCall Resignation Special - Thistle v County by Jagscast Crew

Reaction to the departure of Ian McCall and the appointment of Jackie McNamara as caretaker manager. We get the views on the weekend's controversial news and reflect on the 4 year tenure of McCall.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

John Lambie Hall of Fame - Bela Guttman

The latest feature on the Jagscast is the John Lambie Hall of Fame. The idea is that we take a look at some of the more eccentric legends to have graced the beautiful game, in the hope of finding a few that are worthy of mention in the same sentence as the great Lambini. If you have any nominations, please send them in to

The inaugural member, Bela Guttman, was announced in Tuesday's Jagscast.

Name: Bela Guttman
Born: 1899 Hungary

Clubs Managed: 
SC Hakoah Wien, SC Enschede, SC Hakoah Wien, Újpest FC, Vasas SC, Ciocanul Bucharest, Újpest FC, Kispest A.C., Calcio Padova, U.S. Triestina Calcio, Quilmes, APOEL, Milan, Lanerossi Vicenza, Honvéd, São Paulo, Porto, Benfica, C.A. Peñarol, Austria, Benfica, Servette FC, Panathinaikos, Austria Wien, Porto

Managerial Achievements:
Újpest FC/Újpesti TE:
  • Hungarian League (1938-39, 1946-47)
  • Mitropa Cup (1939)
São Paulo:
  • Sau Paulo State Champions (1957)
  • Portuguese Liga (1958-59)
  • European Champions (1960-61, 1961-62)
  • Portuguese Liga (1959-60, 1960-61)
  • Portuguese Cup (1962)

Why is he in the John Lambie Hall of Fame?
For being a bloody nutter. Guttman liked to have his own way. Once, when a club director questioned his team selection, he immediately resigned, saying: "Ok, you run the club.You seem to have the basics." While at Kispest (before they became Honved) he had an inevitable bust-up with Puskas. Puskas disagreed with Guttman about his decision to take off one of the Kispest players, and told the individual to stay on the park. The player sided with Puskas, so Guttman took the huff, sat up in the main stand and read a paper for the rest of the game. After the match, he took a tram home and never returned to the club.

Despite great success at AC Milan, they chose to dismiss him. In front of a stunned press, Guttman announced: "I have been sacked. Even though I am not a criminal, nor a homosexual." He was one of the pioneers of the 4-2-4 formation. It is widely thought that his tactical influence on Brazilian football was crucial in giving the world the gift of the 1970 Brazil World Cup team.

He tried to avoid staying at the same club for more than two years. "The third year is fatal". I wonder what he would have made of Ian McCall's 3 yea...em...10 year plan?

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Jagscast - Falkirk Part 6 of 7

VBL, Balatoni and Mackie talk about most hated managers, inaugurate the Lambie Hall of Fame, and through the power of Skype ask Cowie for his remote calls. Also includes a quick interview with the fans who have organised the Firhill Cup Fun Day, taking place at the end of the season.

Falkirk - Tuesday 12th April 2011 by Jagscast Crew
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