Friday, 6 May 2011

The JagsCast Interview: Jaggie McNamara

The two main things that stuck me on meeting Jackie McNamara pitchside at Firhill this afternoon were adequately summed up by the man himself: “I’m quite an ambitious wee guy.” Certainly, he is shorter than I had expected, despite having seen him on football pitches for the last twenty years. Mainly though, it was his confidence and, yes, ambition that impressed me: he wasn’t a smiley, chatty character and without being arrogant or making me feel like I was wasting his time, the impression that he was trying to give was that of a man who is going places.

At first he seemed to want to give some stock answers, but became emboldened as the chat went on, praising Chris Erskine and talking up some of the emerging young players at the club. He, I think, ended up enjoying the experience of discussing footballing matters with a fan, and took the inane questions on the sartorial requirements on football managers in the spirit they were intended.

Overall, I left very much more impressed than I expected to be by our caretaker manager, and I hope that he has the opportunity to put his plans into practice. His ambition and his vision will surely be good for the club and what he lacks in height, he makes up for in stature.

Yours in jaggery
Manly J. Panda

Jaggie Mac talks to the Panda

Jaggie Mac - A Footballing Philosophy by thejagscast

Manly J Panda brings an exclusive interview with interim manager Jackie McNamara. They discuss footballing philosophy, managerial attire and the long term prospects at Thistle.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

John Lambie Hall of Fame - Martin Allen

Name: Martin Allen
Born: 18th August 1965, Reading

The third inductee to the John Lambie Hall of Fame is Notts County Manager Martin Allen, nominated by Mackie. The more we looked into him, the more convinced we were that he's absolutely bonkers.

Clubs Managed

Barnet, Brentford, Milton Keynes Dons, Leicester City, Cheltenham Town, Notts County

Why is he in the John Lambie Hall of Fame?

He is one of the modern game’s great eccentrics. I think you just need to read some of his quotes to be honest!

On Diet: “I banned pasta because it didn’t do them any good before so they might as well start eating. On the way back from Burton the other day we had crates of lager on the bus and everyone was happy.”

On Harry Rednapp: "I knocked on Harry Redknapp's door, just to say hello," he recalls. "In there were Jim Smith, Kevin Bond, Dennis Rofe and Dave Pleat, all sat watching a game on the TV. One of them said, 'So, have you been diving in the Solent this morning, Martin?' And they all laughed. Once the laughter had stopped, I looked every one of them in the eye, and said, 'Yeah, I swam in the Solent, and now, this afternoon, we are going to beat you'. I never laughed, I never smiled. I just left and slammed the door.”

On Sven: "I was lucky enough to attend the BBC's Sports Personality of the Year," recalls the Bees' manager. "I won the award for London Sports Personality." He pauses before adding with a satisfied smile: "I beat Jose Mourinho. Anyway, during the evening I asked Mr Eriksson if he'd like to pop down to Brentford one morning, watch us train and have a chat. "Well, he didn't even know who Brentford were. 'Who's Brentford; where are you? What division are you in?' he asked me. I replied, 'Thank you very much; goodbye', and walked away.

It was at that point I wondered what it would be like to go into a 50-50 tackle with him. If I was earning £5 million a year, I’d make sure I knew who Brentford were.”

On arriving in Nottingham:

“Good morning,

Special thank yous this morning to the people who have helped me since I got here last week.

“On Saturday, the Groundsman at late notice done a job for me. Top man!

“On Monday, Hannah the Analyst stayed here until 7.30 in the office to show me the set plays of Tranmere Rovers for my training session yesterday morning because I was busy the whole day Monday. She is a top girl!

“Kate stayed here going through all my paperwork and organising me until 8.45 on Monday night. Kate is the girl who works in the office. She took my white shirt home and ironed it and brought it back in to work for me to wear last night. She’s top girl!

“The bus drivers are cool and calm and drive the bus smoothly and calmly. They are top lads!”

“I am trying to find somewhere to kip. I don’t like these posh hotels. I don’t want nothing flash. If you know anyone, it’s for me and my dog Monty who is a very good boy. I need somewhere, preferably on the south side of Nottingham to kip, have a bit of food maybe and kind of be a dosser who will keep himself to himself, who works long hours. Very polite and well mannered, friendly, funny, kind, caring, occasionally mad. If anyone can help, please contact the club.

“Thank you once again, after what has for sure been a very, very tough week.


Welcome aboard, Martin. I’m sure the great man would bloody love to share a bottle of whisky with you.

Pie Scalextric: the Season Review!

End of Season Review - Pie Scalextric by Jagscast Crew

A bumper end of season special, with Jagscasters old and new. Vincent Black Lightening MC is joined by Manly J Panda, Cowie, Donald Marc Corcoran Balatoni, Mackie and chapwithwings, the Pope (or Queen) of Jagscast!

We look back on the season that's just been: the highs, the lows, the spectacular and the bizarre. Balatoni lets everyone know about the POTY Dance, Mackie's nervous ahead of his debut in the Firhill Cup, and Vinny's dad makes a cracking pizza. We induct for the last time this season another manager into the John Lambie Hall of Fame.
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