Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Thought I'd stick our favourite lookalikes from the latest Jagscast up on here. Some crackers! Enjoy!

"Guy from Madina Lake aka Kieron Burns" - sent in by Chris Mason


"Simon: Tank Commander" - sent in by Dave Johnstone

"Gossip Paul?" sent in by thejags1971

"Love Child of Simon and Rowser"

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Jagscast v Cowdenbeath

Pod comes from the Aitken Suite. Welcome to new Podcaster Craig. Disappointing afternoon as the away team take the three points.

Jagscast Cowdenbeath March 2011 by Jagscast

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Excerpt from "Inverting the Pyramid" by Jonathan Wilson: Matthias Sindelar

"He was a new style of centre-forward, a player of such slight stature that he was nicknamed 'Der Papierene' - 'the Paperman'. There was an air of flimsy genius about him that led writers to compare his creativity to theirs: a fine sense of timing and of drama, a flair for both the spontaneous and the well crafted...
He was endowed with such an unbelievable wealth of variations and ideas that one could never really be sure which manner of play was to be expected. He had no system, to say nothing of a set pattern. He just had...genius"

Chris Erskine or Matthias Sindelar?


A trip down memory lane with Alan Dickson and Ian Mac

Memory Lane - Jagscast Special with Alan Dickson by Jagscast

Alan Dickson has been watching Partick Thistle for over 60 years, and has seen the highest of the highs to the moments we'd all perhaps rather forget. The Jagscast was delighted when Ian Mac went to interview Alan in a place steeped in Thistle history, the Star and Garter.

Many thanks to both Ian and Alan for taking the time to produce a wonderful trip down memory lane.

Jagscast - Dundee 5th March 2011 - Matthias Sindelar - a poor man's Erskine

Jagscast v Dundee 05-03-2011 - Matthias Sindelar - a poor man's Erskine by Jagscast

In this epsiode: VBL, Donald "Marc Corcoran" Balatoni, Cowie and "Duncan" discuss the horror show which was Mark Wilson's goal; League reconstruction; and Rella pride.

Special feature on Matthias Sindelar, centre forward in the famous inter-war Austrian "Wunderteam". We have a suspicion a certain Thistle enigma is related to "Der Papierene" by virtue of a rendez-vous when he made Scotland look silly in 1933.

Chris Erskine
Matthias Sindelar
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