Friday, 8 March 2013

Once a Jag. Always a Jag.

After some issues last week with not being able to locate the Jagscast on mobile devices, we have released the cast this week on two different players, a HTML one and a flash one. They both play the same cast, it's just the players that have changed. If you are still unable to see this week's cast(or the interview with Andy Young) then please inform us through Facebook, Twitter or by leaving a comment on the blog. Thanks for listening!

Jagscast Episode 4 Released 8th March 2013.

Topics Discussed:
PTFC One Goal Wonders
Dunfermline Review
Steven Craig
Interview with Andrew Young - PTFC Community Coach

Panel: Adam Henderson, Andrew Young

Enjoy the show!

The full, unedited, interview with Andrew Young:

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