Sunday, 21 August 2011

Never Miss A Jagscast

A brand new Jagscast is available, recorded in Jaconelli's before our home game against Hamilton. The Jagscasters discuss adopting a Thistle player, underrated players, the latest news from Firhill and induct Fred Pentland into the JLHoF.

This is a wee guide for anyone who wants to subscribe to the Jagscast instead of hunting around and clicking download links. This is a feature new for this season, because we’ve decided to spend a wee bit of money on a proper hosting service for the podcast.

First, you’ll need some kind of podcatching software: I am going to assume you will be using iTunes because this is the most popular music library manager, it’s available free of charge, and despite some drawbacks, it’s easy to use. If you would like to suggest another podcatcher, please tell us about it in the comments.

Once you have iTunes up and running, all you will need is the URL for our feed, which is

Simply click on Advanced on the top bar of the iTunes window and choose ‘Subscribe to Podcast’. You will then be prompted to enter the URL into a window that will pop up. Click ok, and you will be subscribed, so that every time there is a new Jagscast, you can be sure of downloading it.

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